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On 23 May 2013 I responded to an add on facebook regarding a free 17 day trial of Pure Collagen together with DermPure. Just pay S&H and return within 17 days for Pure Collagen if not wanting to continue and 12 days for DermPure. The fine print said that if you didn't cancel within the period stated you would then go onto an auto-ship program and would be billed to your card every 30 days and a 30 day supply would be shipped within 2 business days until you told them to cancel the order but that you could cancel the order at any time either by phone or online. The products eventually arrived via Fedex on 30 May. When they arrived, the pump on the Pure Collagen serum was not working and the bottle was half full. The supply of Pure Collagen was supposed to have been a 30 day supply however when used according to the instructions, ran out within 10 days. Also, on 4 June I was billed USD129-95 for a further supply of DermPure which to this date I have not recieved. Plus on 7 June I received an email from them with a ridiculously cheap offer for Pure Collagen duo but when I tried to access it I couldn't. When I rang to talk to them about it, I got a man on the phone who suggested he cancel my order of Pure Collagen and only charge me USD80.00 as I had not cancelled within the 17 day period (apparently the trial starts from the date of order and not from the date of receipt). He was either extremely thick or just evasive because he would not answer any of my questions and eventually, when challenged just said the Pure Collagen order had been cancelled and there would be no charge. When I asked about the DermPure he insisted they were not affiliated with DermPure yet the two products were on the same order and received together. Similarly , when I asked about the email he said that if I wanted to take advantage of the offer I could however there was no access. Ever since then (approximately one week ago) I have been trying to reach Beauty Club the makers of Pure Collagen and DermPure on the number that I reached him on the first time but I keep getting a message saying the Customer Service Office for Pure Collagen (or DermPure depending on which number you press) is closed and that I should ring between 7am and 7pm mountain time which for Australian customers is before 1pm. The interesting thing is that it doesn't matter when in the morning (before 1pm) I ring, I still get the same message. Last Friday I also tried to contact both Pure Collagen and DermPure by replying to the email I received however I have not received any replies. I will try to cancel the DermPure order online to avoid getting billed US$129.95 every month however, I suspect I will have to contact my bank, cancel the card and see what they say about the US$129.95 I have been charged for a product that I have never received.

Country: USA   State: Colorado   City: Denver   Zip: 80202
Address: 1550 Larimer Street , #639
Phone: 3038004591,8668195093,8668938696

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