Kimberly Sullivan

Do NOT ever do business with this woman. She will rip you OFF. My company was hired to do remodeling, for her, in her new house at Marina Gardens in Palm Beach Gardens Florida. After giving her a quote on hoe much the job would cost, she accepted that quote and things went forward. After we were finished with the jobs that were quoted for, she asked us to do additional work and kept adding other construction jobs to the list. We took her on good faith that she would pay us at the end of the job, seems how she paid half of the original quote amount already at this point in time. A new invoice was created, with the additional jobs added on, and the estimate was re-calculated. It's been a YEAR since we finished the job and she's crying broke. She never finished paying us for half of the original estimate, and in addition to that, she never paid us any of the balance for the additional work. My crew and I worked 10-14 hour days tearing down, ripping up and doing construction for her. This is a woman who just sold her 5 million dollar house at Frenchman's reserve, has an illegal alien live-in housekeeper who she has had for 7 years and flaunts her new Hermes $8,000.00 ugly orange bag around. She pays her illegal Venezuelan housekeeper 300 a week, but she can't pay her contractors, painters, plumbers and tile installers? We witnessed her buying 15K worth of furniture in one day on her credit card. Half of which, she just gave away because it did not fit. She jets back and forth to NYC every week. With all of this in mind, How can she cry broke? She stiffed my crew and hard labors for over 8K. DO NOT work or invest with this scam artist. This is what she does. She try's to get everything for free.

Country: USA   State: All USA

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