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My story begin when someone whom I know told me about advertisement company called localadclick (website www. he told me that this company offer you the business plan below join the company you have to pay either 500 or 1300 us dollar in order to register at the company's website, then there will be 5 five video advertisement posted in your account and you will get 50 us dollar if you watch the advertisement.i.e you will earn a weekly 50 us dollars
2.if invite someone then you will get a direct commission of 32 us dollars
3.if you have one pair underline to you you will get a binary commission of 50 $.
4.the company also cash rewards incomes which range from 100 to several hundreds dollars depending on the number of people you invited.
I searched about this company and I found that it is registered as a sub division of visim advertisement group which was registered in india & british virgin island.
On the top of the company there was mr.james rynold ( suppose to be a us citizen of Indian ethinicity) & mr.mike samon (suppose to be Australian of Indian ethnicity).
So I paid 1300 us dollars and joined the company, and I had invited most of my reletives &friends.then after that company annouced that it's name will be changed to globaladmart .& that change was happened on 28/12/2012 and a from here a new website called was used.
On 2/5/2013 the website disappear from the internet and all contacts with the company representative mr.mike were lost.
Several days later a new website called appear in the Internet. The new website looks identical to the former website, after contactinh the new website administration the denied any relationship with .keeping in mind that the 2 sites looks the same and brilliant peace of information that new website accept a registeration cards belong to so that means the forget about and start working with in order to escape from people who registered earlier and to use the new website as tool to fraud a new people.
after searching I discovered that the company bring the vedio advertisement from the YouTube and post it on thier website for free without receiving any money from the company s to whom the advertisement belong I.e samsing , lg, sony , kfc, McDonalds,.....etc
Me and my reletives & friends had piad about 200000 $ some of them didn't recive even a single dollar.
Thank you

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