After many hospitalization over the past 9 months, I found myself arrears in most of my bill. I attempted to resolve this through short term loans. On May 9, I received a telephone call from Kevin Long of Impact Cash Loans, stating that I was approved for a personal cash loan of up to $5000. I was asked how much I wanted and told him $2500. He indicated that the terms would be $200 a month for two years. He then stated that he would start the process and would call me back the next day.
He called me on May 10, and said everything was approved, he gave me a case number (ICL #23) and told me he was switching me to the Loan Manager, Nathan Gibbs. Mr. Gibbs verified my personnel information and said the loan was approved, but I must provide an "insurance" fee of $375 in a Western Union money gram, to be sent to Precious Corn, in Florida. I did so and called Mr. Long as instructed. Mr. Long then informed me that an additional activation fee of $485 was required and the total of $3360 (2500 loan 375 insurance 485 activation fee) would be issued to me via Western Union. As instructed, I forwarded the $485 to a Luis Franco in Green Acres, FL. Mr. Long stated that he would check out the receipt and call me in one hour,
Mr. Long called and told that the IRS was checking the file since my credit score was below the "good" level, and he would have to transfer me to the IRS Agent, Neal Johnson (ID# 12386F33C4). Mr. Johnson informed me that he was putting the transaction on hold until I paid him $650 that would bring my credit score up to an acceptable level. I told him I would talk to the lending activities.
I called Mr. Long who said that there was nothing he could do because the IRS would not release the money without a raise in my credit score. I then asked for my money back since they had not acted in good faith. (Mesnwhile, I had googled the company and discovered others had been victimized by the same organization.). He stated again that the only way I could get my money back was to pay the "IRS" the $650. I replied that I thought I was beind scammed and would contact the legal authorities. He stated that he would have me blackballed from every lending organization and further ruin my credit. He then hung up the phone.

Question: Does anyone know an organization or legal enity that handles this type of problem? I am sure some crimes have been commtted, at least impersonating a government official. I also noted, too late, that all the people I talked to had similarities in ther voices.
Willie F. Black, Jr. NY, NY

Country: USA   State: California   City: Encino   Zip: 91436
Address: 16350 Ventura Blvd, Suite D #821
Phone: 8777783532,3129127497

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