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On a desperate need to find an apartment for less rent due to roommate moving out we found Paradise Rentals in the classifieds signed contract with them and received in return a list of possibly available apartments that met our criteria. List was all but helpful apartments either went over our budget limit, or were far from locations requested, or in bad neighborhoods. We proceeded to ask for help through Paradise Rentals over phone calls and they denied any further help. The entire staff changed their personality toward us.We decided to go in person, We were told they couldn't help they were constantly making rude remarks over us and humiliating us. The manager escorted us to a waiting room took a key and we were literately locked in a waiting room while they sat and starred at us from inside their office as they spoke amongst themselves. When manager returned we explained that we decided to come in person because their receptionist was rude and kept hanging up the phone on us telling us not to call back and that we were not going to get any further help from them. We expected curtsy after all we had paid for our service. as we believed other customers did. Their receptionist was eavesdropping outside the door and barged in saying ("You want to talk shit") a very unpleasant experience. Manager backed her up and asked us to leave. At this time we just wanted our money back and forget we ever came here but they wouldn’t hear it and practically got escorted out. we are a young couple and don't think we should get treated any differently we deserve the treatment and respect as all paying customers do, they belittled us and made us feel like children that don't have a clue... Please do something don't let these people continue to treat others this way.They shouldn't have the right to run a people business their customer service skills are all but professional and the worse thing about that is that they know it and don't care. Receptionist doesn't answer the phone with politeness she answers how can I help you when that is the last thing on her mind. She doesn't introduce the Co. to the caller and right away wants your name and wants to know if you have an appointment. regardless the reason your calling. Not sure but I think they target the younger crowd, just saying maybe everyone gets the same treatment.
I'm now trying to get my refund back but till now they have made it very difficult.
P.S. We rented an apartment on our own without their help and are pleased with location and budget. Thanks.

Country: USA   State: All USA

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