Verified Green Coffee

I have seen a doctor recommending this product via YouTube and she recommended several links to get the real green of which is the After I purchase it, the payment went to a personal PayPal account by the name of Benedict's gylys ( First problem was, their site defaulted my shipping address qatar as the country of destination and it should be USA as my shipping address. I checked the contact information and i realized they dont have a customer service number, just a complain Template you can leave a meesage on..So I alerted them right away by email telling them the problem was. but they responded after 2 days that's its too late as they shipped it to Qatar. The customer service manager's name responding is mark milwood ( and I told him that i informed immediately and he just goes, sorry for this therefore we'll just wait for the shipment to come back and resent to you. I told them I can't wait for it so either they send me a new one from their stock (as this is not my fault) or just cancel the order.. He responds again last 5th of May saying that they have forwarded this concern to their shipping division and will let me know. I wrote them again asking their telephone number and they don't have both in the site nor respond to me about it.. whats amazing about this company, they look so legit! When I check their home site, they have twitter logo below with 1,400 people comments- but if you go to twitter, there's nothing in twitter?! Also I tried to google their address it says -latter saints church.. I cannot also find on google too if they are scammers because it doesn't show up they are, Just in the BBB alert that they don't have an address and the comments of BBB is also "resolved"meaning, they might be a real company?! but I just feel something fishy about their site so I just want to get my money back. I wrote them that I want to cancel it, but they haven't responded.. Please can you help me? Thank you for your time..

Country: USA   State: Utah   City: Salt Lake City   Zip: 84150
Address: 50 W. North Temple

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