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An Indian chap called me late Friday Night, I was about to go out, however, ho told me that my computer had been 'throwing' loads of error messages. He then told me that he would like me to check the 'event viewer', since I am an NT Admin, i let the guy waste some time explaining how i run event viewer.
He talked with a sense of urgency that it was essential i look at the errors; The only errors were MSSQL issues which were not an issue at all.
He then asked if he could remotely log on to my PC, so just for fun, i watched them connect with their own software, what they did then was to run a 'simulated virus scan' ... which showed loads of trojans an malware. Now at this point I was getting suspicious, The indian guy casually asked me what i do for a living ... when i told him I was a NT admin , he went quiet , it was then i 'cut' my network connection, and he got very angry, he wanted to charge me 300 $ to remove the malware from my PC.


Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 8008782302

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