Michelle Millard

Classic Scam. Michelle Millard states she is looking for a room to lease. Says her uncle is paying. She will send many emails. My first hint that this was a scam was the broken english and that she is single yet in a different email she says she has a boyfriend, it sounds terrible! I knew something was wrong. Here is the second emails she sent:

" Good to hear from you,

Yes,the available rental and environment suites my living condition.Sorry I can't view the place before my arrival,I'm originally from Capetown,South Africa,http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cape_Town .Your email went to my junk folder,can you please reconfirm your personal email address, not the one from craigslist.I have a male and female roommate here so I understand how to accommodate others,so far my personal room is respected,I don't see us having issues.Hope we can get along together though I know it kinda hard expressing oneself via email,but I'll put my pride in the gutters and try to be as explicit as possible.

Any farmer's market as well as local flower shops? antique malls, vintage boutiques and restaurants? How is the weather there?Its been raining for few days here..I like rain. Hope there are no leakages in the house(Roof and Pipes).lol

I prefer cleanliness than any other personal traits,I'm a honest,responsible 27 yo professional lab technician,5'10,with long blond hair and hazel eyes.I'm hardworking while I dislike lazy,messy and uncaring people.Even though I won't be having a pet,I love them so much,I'm quiet and easy going. I'm straight and also gay friendly. I always love to go on a date or dinner but seldom party. I neither smoke nor drink alcohol,I swim for fun and sometimes play tennis also I enjoy snowboarding.People often ask how I manage to keep up my hectic schedule of work and maintain such a high level of correctness in all I do,I sometime overhear my Boyfriend Bach -he is the type of man who sings on coach trips,so you can quickly understand what sort of man I have to deal with-saying,almost in awe,'How does Michelle do it? chuff me,how does she do it?' I must confess that I'm comfortable with the price,I will like to secure the rental pending my arrival. I'll also be shipping my things down to the States such as my Hyundai Sonata (SE V6 2012) which I've been using for over 2 months now and some personal effects, don't worry am not bringing in furniture's I will easily purchase the one's I need when I settle in.

Moreover,Let me know how I can go about securing the place down with rent/deposit payment and filling any necessary application before my arrival, I'll be busy preparing to arrive on Monday 3rd June.

My present Land-lord: kaypeterson147@pacific-ocean.com 27789996799
Doctor Eleanor Iyalaya : iyalayaeleanor777@gmail.com
My present room-mate :Phoebe 2errishuman2forgiveisdivine@gmail.com

No,I'm not a student,I have 2-yrs US working visa and shall be starting sales of minor Laboratory equipments for Clinical Procedures and Applied Molecular Evolution in (OMITTED CITY NAME),its a booming field coupled with my experience here.Right now, I have concluded my relocation plans and understand that moving to the US will not only help boost my career but also improve my personal life.I hope you'll finally consider renting to me ,I assure you the terms and conditions would be strictly adhered to ,I have been introduced to different landlord and room owners but they don't seem easy to get along with, I hope we can get along well as I wait to read from you soon via email.In life everything should be firm but friendly , not oatfish or obsequious as seems to be the present -day trend.

Sorry for the email novel .I know its a lot to read and i apologize for coming on strong I'm just looking for a reliable place when I move down.I look forward to hearing positive from you again.Have a successful week.

peacefuulboooo@hotmail.com "

Country: USA   State: All USA

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