Great American Readers

they lied like dogs an kept changing things as they went along!it all started when i got a email saying congrats u just won 250 gift card from walmart an click here to redeem prize!so clicked ther an in about 5 mins i had 3 calls from them,i asked wers my 250 gift card i won they said had to pay 40 a week for 20 weeks for 4 magizeans i dont kno how to read an on disability wit a payee cause i cant manage my own money so i hav a payee over my money,well they kept on till i gav them my credit card number not understanding what i was doing thought i won a gift card for 250 an they said i had to giv them my credit card num an i would hav my gift card in 5 to 14 days well after 3 months they took took three 40 payments an iv seen 3 magizeans in 3 months an only one mag was wut i ask for other 2 was mags that i didnt ask for som gurly magizeans called ok an the one mag hot rods witch i did pick when i talked to who they said if i wanted my gift card mailed out that day so i picked 4 magizean she said she gonna send my walmart gift card & an told me to right this number down an said when walmart 250 card comes to call giv this number an can go use my 250 gift card from walmart i said ok an ask ther name they said kim i ask for last names she said no said she didnt hav to tell me so i ask to talk to her boss she said no an that she was the boss i asked to talk to who ever payed her check an she said they dont talk to people like me an i ask jus wut kind of peopl am i an she said no an her name was just kim the only boss that talks to peopl like me!i guess peopl like me is the custamor that jus got 130 $ took off my card jus to get my gift i won!so when i got my letter ther was no card like i figured it was gonna be ther was papers n ther an no card so i called custamer servous an ask for kim exstention 6200 an said no when i asked for her last name so i would hav for my records an she said no once again an by this time its been 7 workin days since i talk to kim ext 6200 last an i asked her if she rememberd talkin to me an she said yes so i asked her again thought this letter would hav my free walmart gif card she is saying to sign another paper an said had to sign an mail bac an i will reciev my gift card nex few days so she bought enough time to charge my card again befor i kno it i got another letter was happy to finally get my gift i had won 250 walmart gift card then i opened the letter an ther was a reward vaucher rebait an i called kim the only boss the ext 6200 an jus knew ther was nothing else posable they could use for a reason why my walmart gift card for 250 didnt come they called me an got my credit card number twice the first month sayin if i want to redeam my free gift they hav to hav it so i did that!then iv payed 3 times at 40 each payments an not counting the stamps i had to buy to mail papers bac to them jus to get my gift card for 250 i won for buying all thes magizeans up front an ahead of time an still on hav one issue of hot rod sofar an now kim ext 6200 switch her storie again an said the number she giv me last time we talk she said to write down when we was talkin about my free gift like trying to make me think my card was being mailed out soon as they got papers i signs an i got this rebait voucher an wut she is saying now "after she done got my payments an my papers i signed like she said an now this is wut she turn my 250$ free gift card into its no gift card at all it says i hav to mail this back signed an then i hav to send them recipts from walmart for 100 dollers or more an they will send me a free 25doller gift card for every hundred doller recipt i send they will send my free gift cards untill 250 worth of gift cards are sent to me!!totaly not what i was told i was told congrats u jus won huh iv added this up ta recive my 250$ gift card from walmart i hav to pay 40 a month for 20 months done took 3 payments an now after ther got my contract they pulled the flip on me cause they done had my credit card number an my signed contracked an now they got what they need so now its screw me an ta get 250 gift cards i would hav to buy 1 thousand of dollers worth at walmart send them the recipt at my stamp cost 10 times jus to get the prize i won then signed an bought magizeans 40 a month for 20 months worth an then gonna try to change it up an tell me that number she giv me was for a credit card actavatsion an said that number was a order number taday an she said it was a number to get my walmart card actavated for when it comes in mail an she said that to jus put me off longer ta get on my credit card again well iv had enough im dissable an i hav a payee over my money an its againsted the law to take advantege of disable peopl an with that me an my payee will be taking great american reader to court for a full refund on all exspens

Country: USA   State: Minnesota   City: Bloomington   Zip: 55420
Address: PO Box 20460
Phone: 8002694179,8003399492

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