AKA Orlando Auto Management

on 04/29/2013 Dorothy from the Auto management/ Orlando auto management met me at my house, (Personal Information Removed). that is when I signed an 90 day Agreement Contract to assume Loan by the above mentioned Company to assume Loan or find buyer for a 2009 Ford Flex, Lien holder is Alaska Federal Credit Union, and I as Register Owner David (Personal Information Removed)v. on 05/08/2013 10:00 am I received a call from the Fraud Dept. of Alaska Federal Credit Union Supervisor Kassie Thompson 800-992-2810 ext. 2003 concerning the 2009 Ford Flex alerting me that I and the lein holder was removed off of the legal title of the 2009 Ford Flex and that a Juan Roosevelt of Palmdale is now the owner. Problem is AFCU was not paid off. I called Peter wright at 310-606-1926 Auto Management at 10:30, He informed me that He did not sell car but it was stolen. and I needed to call my insurance company and let them know that I left the car on the street and it was stolen, I will not play this game because that is Insurance Fraud. he said that he could not do the police report that I had to. the Wilshire Police Dept. Detective Briggs #30212 213-922-8241 would not make the report because I was no longer on the title of 2009 Ford Flex.
Alaska Federal Credit Union and State Farm Insurance said it sound like Peter committed Fraud. I need help. I have a sign contract from their rep Dorothy from Orlando Auto Management stating they had 90 days to sell and Pay of the outstanding Balance. And they would cover the Flex with Insurance and make payments. I can provide the copy of contract.

Country: USA   State: California   City: Los Angeles   Zip: 90019
Address: 5654 West Venice blvd
Phone: 3106061926

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