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I sent a pair do designer glasses to OpticsFast in June, 2012. I received an estimate and paid it via credit card.
After some months I called to inquire as to the disposition of my sunglasses. I was told that I owed an additional $12.00. This was after I paid what was quoted me.

When I called, which I have done many times, I was forced to endure many minutes on hold. I called back many times and spoke to many of their representatives. They were all aggressive and rude? When I spoke to Becky S I discovered a new level of disrespect.

I was told that my glasses would not be sent back until I paid an additional $12.00. I asked why this was not quoted me as I paid what I was told I owed. All of their representatives contend that I agreed to the $12.00. I did not.

My suggestion was for them to show me where I agreed to this and I would pay. Additionally, I again asked why this $12.00 was not included in the quote. No answer.

Today I called one more time only to be over talked and given the same story. Then, if you can believe it, I received an email telling me that I was rude and hung up? They are now attempting to assume the position of victim.

This company is predatory ans unethical. They do not operate where they say they do: Brooklyn NY. Not knowing where they are of course makes it more difficuly to find the correct authority to contact.

Reviewing the web has shown other people victimized by these scam artist. DON'T do business with these people. My next step will be to contact major department stores to determine if any business is done with OpticsFast.

Country: USA   State: New York   City: Brooklyn   Zip: 11235
Address: 1421 Sheepshead Bay Road #336
Phone: 8662163478
Site: www.opticsfast.com

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