Payless Financial Group, LLC

This company represents themselves as a payday loan debt validation company. Who will validate your payday loans and if they are not legal they will get them to either accept the high interest payments as payment in full or they state they will just simply go away.

They were hired to help my daughter with her payday loans. She signed in January 2013. According to the agreement the process takes 90 days to complete. During the 90 days they are to work closely with you, keeping you informed of what is taking place as well as making your welfare their priority. They request the start up fees be sent by Money Gram and payments for their services are deducted by ACH from your bank account. Upon the end of the 90 days and receiving absolutely no communication from them or proof of any work being done, she calls to cancel the service. She spoke to someone named Lawrynn who states she has to remain active another 30 days, which would be the end of May before her cancellation would go in effect. Upon a review of the agreement it's found to state that cancellation can be done at any time for any reason. An email is sent to them quoting what the agreement says regarding cancellations and their first response is all of the message was not received and to resend it and post it on a support site. She does both. A day goes by and still no reply. She then advise them that she is filing a complaint and they respond the next morning with her account is canceled. She request a refund due to them not delivering anything as stated in the agreement and they state they will give 50% of the amount she requested. She tell them that they did not provide any proof as requested in the first email of validating of one debt therefore they did not earn anything and are not entitled to anything. They state that according to the agreement they did not have to refund anything at all. She advises them that what they have done is a scam. They stand firm on 50%. She has stood firm on wanting more due to no work being done.

This business cannot be allowed to take money from people who are seeking help in their financial distress and don't do any work as they state they would and demand that they keep half of what was paid. They full amount paid for services must be refunded. That is what is sought.

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: West Palm Beach   Zip: 33407
Address: 4400 North Congress Avenue, Suite #203
Phone: 5616664294,8884071620

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