I ordered a hoodie/jacket with designs of a band I really like. The only reason I chose to buy from them is because I saw that the price of the jacket I wanted was very cheap. It only cost me $42.00 plus tax. I waited a very long time for it to be shipped and delivered to my house and nothing showed up. Supposedly, it takes only 1-3 weeks for your order to get to you, but I've been waiting longer than that and it's very ridiculous. I first made my order on April 16 and it's now May 9 and I haven't received squat. It just makes me frustrated and impatient to have to go through this. This is going to teach me to never to order from them again. I hope they just didn't steal my hard earned money from my credit card.

Country: USA   State: New Jersey   City: Trenton   Zip: 08629-0757
Address: Dept. WB, Box 3757
Site: www.burningairlines.com

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