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This really happen in 2009, I sign up for some advertising with them for 12000.00 to sell thier product, which in turn they wer shut down by the Postal Inspector. Since then I was going with a company called Business Recovery Service, which they oringnally contacted me in 2010, they were suppose to be trying to get my money back for me, but they were taking for ever and then they were shut down in 2011, never got a straight answer from them. So since then I have been trying to contact other people and still no answer yet, it's proably to late which I hope not.
Is there any way you can find out anything about the legal end of it. Has there been any refunds done.

Please be so kind and let me know very soon with some kind of an answer. I would like to know wheher to stop trying or not.

Thank you

Mary Irwin

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Please use my personal email address for the answer
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Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Phoenix   Zip: 85011
Address: P O Box 16880
Phone: 4807188310,4808943111,8882550341

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