Impala Networks

I was a victim of a $25,000.00 scam by these guys at impala networks!!!! Fraudulent and deceptive. they got into my computer and changed things also. they told and in writing in an email in confidence scheme that there is nothing out there on the market and that they could not use anything so all would have to be built from scratch and only bill me for hours actually used but they used a free software that they did not know what to do with even within their emails and they had the nerve to scam me!!! it is so criminal!!!!

Look below this is what they do to ignorant trusting and un knowing people for the billing scam of over $25,000.00 !!!
look at their website i have nothing in hand for the money that they scammed from me.

i can even access fully what they built because they will not let me! they have full access to my email that they created and they will not let me change my password!!!

i feel so violated because i trusted them in their con game.
_wed 11/7/2012/3:01 pm mst/ austin adams (time)-
continued studying, it is taking a while because there isn't much clarity on this stuff, i don't see how people leaarn it. i did find a great article that i'm not done reading about how to put joomla all together.
thu 11/8/2012/5:39 pm mst/ austin adams (time)-
bought and started reading the joomla programming book.
thu 11/8/2012/8:10 am mst/ austin adams (time)-
started another study project and got some cool result, but then hit a wall.

fri 11/9/2012/8:15 am mst/ austin adams (time)-
reading programming book, and understanding mvc and how to write this .component

what a confidence scam!!!! I feel so violated!!! I want all of my money back plus,

this is so much theft by deception it needs to be prosecuted as such.

Country: USA   State: All USA

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