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I steven meadows have been a long time employee of computer cabling and had a back injury that put me in the hospitol for a week do to running pulling cabling terminating and testing when my back sufferd a bluging desk and like a dummy i did not report if to workers comp rather i saved my employer the griff of having points against his insurance co.his insurance paid me a melesy 250 dollars a week and that income was not on time i had to call his insurance co many times to even get that amount.i was out of work for 5 months and had my mother move in with me and take care of me i could,nt even claw to the bath room on my own.not having a phone of my own i used the company phone to call mom the doctors insurance co to communicate and daniel beam curse me on the phone in front of my mother and said i was using to many minits and mad me fill like (Inappropriate Content Removed).could,nt walk could,nt work had a in house worker from the doctor to slowly recover anyway i did get better after a long6 months and came back to work for computer cabling but no light duty as the doctor had recomeded. worked many 14 hour days no over time drove 16 hours in more that 5 times over the years and never had all supply to do the job or tried to emprovised to get the job closed to done.threatened over the phone with words that i would,nt say to a dog and iam,not only the employee that was done this beam lied to his employee,s and the custmers and the supliers as have to take pain meds and my mental status is not good from telling me to hurry up so we can get to the next job or you might be working 8 hours or 10 hours that day then get a call to start another job that night and work all night and have ti come in the next morning and start the job taht you was working on yesterday day,s and nights no over tome much at all always had a reason for not paying over time???In all my years working for other companies never was i treated like this i go to church and iv,e change my like for jesus but i can,t stay silent about this anymore i worked off and on with mr,beam seance 1996 and i,ve seen alot of people come and go and i was a very good tech but i did make mistakes i,am only humman but i did good work and i got in done alot faster that alot of other tech could so this will be as a disabling factor in my life my body is worn out as well is my mind for the thousands of jobs i did for computer cabling but at list iam saying something about itand the 60 thousand is way short of what he a cheated me out of over the 12 years i worked so dam hard for him and building is company and sister company that sold for 11 million to shentel i could right a book just in my experiances alone what a guy what deseption and lie to his emplyee,s and others.

Country: USA   State: California   City: Huntington Beach   Zip: 92615
Address: P.O. Box 5854
Phone: 7143950285

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