Cash Advance USA/USA Cash Adavnce America

cash advance usa or cash advance america phone # 206-395-3317/according to scammbook reports,their main headquarters is in south carlina/I did an intellus report on the phone#,that was used to scamm me comes up as a tabbacco co,in kent county,seattle washington,First i recieve in the mail,a reservation package from money mutual/to apply for a eloan,or payday loan,well got turned down for e-loan/installement loan/a couple of days later,I get a call from this payday/eloan installment co usa cash advance @ 206-395-3317 on my answering machine/loan officer roger banks stating that i was approved for a installment loan for $2000.00/he left this on voicemail/i called this loan co back,they already had all of my credentials,beacuse when i applied threw money mutual/is not an actual loan co,they take all of your information,then they provide you with a lender/well on 04/26/2013 paul amber stated that he ran my credit and that i was a 3/out of 4 whatever that ment that was approved/so they ask me to pay $210.00 because my credit wasnt that great/so he told me that i needed to pay may 5th 2013 payment/first then he will have the money wired to my checking account in two hours/check my bank and even called my bank/stated that there where no wire transfers/i see where usa cash advance america/had called two times/so i called them they stated that attorney generals office said that my funds where being held because of state taxes/so i got another vanilla card and sent $310.00 to release the funds.after paying $310.00 he stated that $2310.00 would be wired in 30 min/well never heard of them again/tried calling they blocked my calls.i call on a daily basis/nothing/i worried about my credentials being in the hands of these scammers/i have a live recording of one of their voices.from the 206-395-3317.

Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Austin   Zip: 78701
Address: 401 Congress Avenue, Suite 1545
Phone: 5125713828,9512810319,9165468862,9518218857

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