The first 8 months of owning this case were great. Lifeproof and I were best friends.

After that, I began to have problems with the rubber on the front of the case. It began to peel off, and I made a call to LifeProof to have it replaced per the warranty agreement. They agreed to replace the front case, but only after verifying that the serial numbers on the case were legitimate. I also had to send in the front of the case before they would replace it, leaving my phone defenseless for about a week. The new front works well even now.

However, the hinged cover for the charging port cracked recently, about 14 months after my purchase, and two months after the warranty period. Of course, I figured I wouldn't even ask LifeProof customer service to replace the back - with their track record, I was bound to hear rejection anyway. So I purchased one online through their website. That was a mistake. I waited 14 days thinking there was no problem with my order. However, after speaking with customer service (after a 30 minute hold), apparently my order didn't get past PayPal, and so was never shipped out.

Buy on Amazon - it works. Just make sure you're buying a legitimate case if you want any warranty support. You might be better off trying an Otterbox, though.

*** EDIT: I got my money back through PayPal - I submitted a dispute to protect myself, and the refund was processed the same day. But then LifeProof shipped me a back cover the next day. It gets more confusing from there. I received an e-mail with an RMA number 4 days later. Being a guy with scruples, I called them, waited the requisite 25-30 minutes, and talked with them. Seems LifeProof finally got the PayPal payment in their system, shipped out the case without realizing they had processed a refund, and then decided they wanted their case part back. I asked if I could pay them for the case, with a discount for the trouble I went through. They said that I had to send back the case part they already sent but I could buy another one at a 10% discount. All this trouble for $3.00 and to wait another 5-7 days for a functional case? Not a chance. I believe I'm owed a back panel at this point with the trouble I've had to endure. I'll send them their part, but I will never recommend them again. Not ever.

Country: USA   State: California   City: San Diego   Zip: 92123
Address: 4711 Viewridge Ave., Suite 150
Phone: 6197523061

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