Dr Lanre Yusuf, John Smith

I put Sony tablet for my son in Craigslist for sell $240 "because I will bay I pad 3 for him" it is like new. After that, she sent to me text by her phone:1(202)596-8435.She want it,but by PayPal. Actually this the first time I sell item by PayPal.And she text to me she add $50 for the shipping, I received official email from PayPal they have for me $290, should I send the item first and I send to PayPal track number to they deposit my money. I sent the item and the track number and the PayPal sent to me after 72houer they deposit the money, I didn't received anything. After that,she sent to me text in my phone she told me she is received the item and she was ask me if the item have any problem.I told to her no and I didn't received my money.She told me she received note from PayPal it has some error in my account because it is not business account, and the email I and her received from PayPal said to I can receive the money should she add $200 to expend my account to business account and I can received the money. After that she text to me OK she will make that. And I received email from PayPal she is add $200 and my money become $490,but to deposit this amount to my account should I send the $200 for the information she add in the email. For John Smith in Russia and should I send the transaction number for they deposit the money. I do it and I received email from PayPal they say they deposit the money after 12houre. And I didn't receive any thing.
- Today I received email from PayPal and she text to me she is add more $200 to I send it again to the person in Russia I uncertainty. I search about the PayPal phone, and I call hem they told my I didn't have any money and any process in my account. Also they not sent to me anything this person fraud me.

Please help me to take my right.
Thank you

Country: USA   State: ON   City: Toronto   Zip: M6L 1B2
Address: 1440 Lorence Ave West, Apt #1412
Phone: 2025968435

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