Prime, Inc. or Prime Capital Inc.

I applied to a job on Monster.Com for company listed as Prime, Inc.for Accounting Clerk on 4/17/13. On 4/22/13 I heard from Michael Kimbell, Senior Human Resource Manager but the name was changed to Prime Capital, Inc. and his phone number is 631-209-7608. He informed me that my resume was successful - Job #121405326 and the pay was $35 an hour and work no more than 7 hours a day from home. I was asked to respond to the interview questions, which I did the same day. Then I heard back from Mr. Kimbell on 4/25/13 and was told my application was successful and happy with the responses to questions. I then had more questions to answer with alot of my personal information, most of which was already on resume and then payroll questions (ex. - weekly/bi-weekly etc, but was asked who I banked with, but did not ask as of yet for acct numbers). Then on Monday 4/29/13 I was contacted via cell phone by Mr. Kimbell and was told that I would have an appointment to get familarized with my supervisor on Friday May 10th, but nothing as to where, what time or if in person. Also told that training would start the following week. Also stated that he would contact later this week for setting up for me to pick up office equipment in my area to work from home, would be end of week. Was told web-site down, doing some changes. Then contacted again on 4/30/13 in the afternoon that I needed to go to Tampa to pick up equipment, I stated could not, too late in the day and I was expecting as he told me day before later in the week. He is very hard to understand and first day when called he starts by asking what are you doing??? I thought was odd, then the next day when called about going to Tampa, started with "so Where are you?" Again thought odd. He said well if not today when, I said tomorrow, Wednesday - May 1st. He said fine what time is good for me to call and set up I said 10 a.m. Now since alot of this was so odd and strange, my husband went online to check him and company out and could find nothing on either other than the front page of some web-site that still says under construction and no definite information, so he called to get some information from Mr. Kimbell. Mr. Kimbell said he would send me a link with information to research before the next day. Here we are on Monday May 6th and have never gotten a call, email or anything back from him and web-site still under construction, which he told my husband company is 4 years old - strange. I am in a very bad situation and need a job so as to keep our lights on and pay our bills, so we do not lose anything else. I thought I had a job making $35 an hour as I was told and would be finally okay. I have been scammed and when I contacted, they could not really help me, and said out of there hands, they just let people post jobs. I felt they should have been some what responsible if they are allowing on there site. I am looking to either still get this job, if is legitimate, but I do not think so or get restitution for what they put me through and led me to believe. It has been very emotional for me. Also feel they should be exposed. My monetary damages are based on what I thought I could make the first month and get some bills paid, finally. $35 an hour, 7 hours a day which 5 days minimum is 35 hours which is $1225 a week times 4 weeks.

Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 6312097608

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