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My name is Jennifer Stephens, I am 35 years old, a mother of two children and currently working as Internet Manager at Toyota of Irving. I met Mr. Rene Carrales at the dealership I worked in, around year 2010 when his niece purchased a vehicle and he was with her at that moment. He mentioned to me on our conversation that his business is a placement agency, that they do international also. He asked me, What is the Country of my Origin, I told him Philippines. He then said, if I know someone especially nurses that wants to work here in the United States let him know, he can help, and he gave me his contact information.

When my sister told me she wants to work here and to help her out. I remember Mr. Carrales and I looked up for his contact information and tried to reach him. I finally get hold of him June 19, 2012 and I visited his office around June 21st, 2012. He said he can help. We discuss the fees and the documents that he needs in order to process the paperwork. The Fees is $5,000.00. I told him, it's kind of too much for me right now but I will try to save up to pay it to help my sister out. He then said, that I can pay the half now and pay the rest when my sister gets here. I said to him, I only have $1000.00 on my savings account right now but I will ask my sister if she has any savings. I told him that I will talk to my sister about this and come up with some money.

Since then we had conversation through emails, phones and text messages. He even called my sister in the Philippines and they too had a conversation about the process and documents. I gave him the first payment of $1,000.00 around July 23rd, 2012. And the 2nd payment on August 17, 2012 in the amount of $500.00

After that I haven't heard from him for more than two months. I have tried contacting him through email, text messages, calling his cellphone and calling his office number. I even asked my co-worker to come with me at their office located in Irving. I went there but it was closed. I kept sending him messages and calls. He then finally contacted me around October 27, 2012, Saturday. He called me at my cellphone. And the first thing he said, "Hey Jennifer, how are you? So, when are you going to give the rest of the money." I was so pissed off, I wasn't sure if he realized that.
I then told him, that I will no longer continue the transaction with him because it's so unprofessional of him for not contacting me and not letting us know what’s going on. He got very defensive, and raised his voice. He said "what are you trying to say that I am running away with your money? You have to remember that I am helping you and your sister. I have nothing to gain in here and you have nothing, no money in the first place and you accusing me? I was out of town that’s why I couldn’t contact you, I was taking care of some business and there’s no internet from where I went.” I told him that you are the only one who can answer that question. But At this point, I don't think I can trust you fully enough to give you more money". He said: "That's fine, let's just cut this off, I'll just give you back your money because I don't want nothing to do with you and your sister and your family. You're so ungrateful.” I asked him when can I my money. He said between November 15 to November 30,2012.
I then actually sent him an email that Tuesday regarding the conversation that Saturday. When November 29, 2012 came, I emailed him telling him that November is almost over. But then he emailed me back saying that he is in Peru and He will return the money when he gets back on December 20th. I waited again, and then December came I emailed him again, and He promised again another dates on January 12, 2013.
After that I haven't heard from him. He already changed his telephone number since I don't know when. I have tried to email him one last time, around January 19, 2013 and never got the respond back!

I am not sure how many more people he ripped off using his Agency. The name of the Agency is CI Staffing International, located in 1875 W. Walnut Hill, Suite 105, Irving TX 75038.

I am a single mom of two and working hard to make a living and I just want my money back from this person.

Please help! Thank you....


Country: USA   State: All USA

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