My experience with has always been excellent. All my product purchases have arrived in the highest quality condition and are delivered in a timely manner.

That's why it disappoints me to say that I did not have a positive Customer Service experience regarding a recent order I placed through Below I describe the sequence of events and my displeasure in particular with an Customer Service Supervisor, Rochelle B. I will most likely continue to be a customer of but I hope that you will take this complaint into consideration when training your Customer Service staff.

On April 29th I placed an order (Order #110-0644859-0733053} for CitySlips. On May 5th I received an email from indicating that the vendor - AVEYOU Beauty Boutique had not confirmed shipping and recommended that I contact the vendor directly regarding more information about the delay. On May 6th I contacted the vendor and canceled the order as they confirmed that the shoes were unavailable and would not arrive in time for my event this week.

Disappointed that I wouldn't have these for the event, I submitted a note with my order cancellation indicating that I hope that in the future they will contact customers directly when orders will be delayed. Upon submitting the cancellation I was pleasantly surprised they immediately responded with an email expressing their sincere apology for the lack of communication regarding my order and offered me free shipping on any of their products. A token of acknowledgement that was very much appreciated.

Since my primary goal was to purchase the product for an event this week, I quickly returned to the always reliable for a possible substitute product. Happily I found one – SideKicks foldable flats (B00AU5VMGG). I was ecstatic! I quickly began the process of placing the order. Unfortunately the shipping would cost me four times the product price to get it in time for my event. So as a devoted customer of, I immediately contacted Customer Service to request any shipping cost relief they could provide to help me to obtain my product in time for my event.

I was promptly connected to a Customer Service representative and I explained my circumstances and acknowledged to him that I understood that is not at fault for my order being delayed. However, in light of me being a loyal customer in a jam, I asked for any shipping cost assistance Amazon might be able to provide with the new order I wanted to place.

The Customer Service Rep indicated that because the product is from a third party vendor, Amazon will not be able to provide any shipping cost relief. After trying to explain that I understand the policy and that I felt that because ultimately is the storefront of all their products, third-party vendors or not, they might be willing to work with me to come to some reasonable compromise. He simply repeated what seemed to be a script, indicating his previous response.

Frustrated, I asked to speak with his Supervisor, Rochelle B. Hopeful that she might be able to assist me given these unique circumstances, I explained the situation and asked for ANY shipping cost relief to which she simply repeated what seemed to be the same script the customer service representative shared with me. I once again explained my understanding of the policy and that I’m simply looking for a compromise in hopes that would want to keep a loyal customer happy. To my dismay and total frustration, she repeated the “script”. I expressed my frustration to her explaining that her lack of dialog with me as a customer and as a person was very off-putting. At that point, she repeated the “script” again!

Once again, I will most likly continue to do business with your company, however, I hope that you will use my customer service experience as a learning tool for prioritizing the dialog between your company’s customer service employees and its valued customer base.


Linda Beauregard
(Personal Information Removed)

Country: USA   State: WA   City: Seattle   Zip: 98109-5210
Address: 410 Terry Ave N
Phone: 2062661000,2062664064,8662161072

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