Emmanuel Riberio

During 2010, i chatted with donny, as he call himself donny.I saw him occassionally when he could borrow a cam; posing to be a white contractor, who built a hospital section, was a supervisor, and his workers liked him.We tallked till march of 2011,and he got me to send a cam, a computer (which he paid for and sent to my house; suppoedly using a co-workers CC. He asked me to marry him after a couple months. His thing was if you say you love someone you shluld help them; ie send money. I lost my apt due to a flood, and sent him money via Western UNion, in tunkhannock,pa to PO Box 16,...Ghana africa. My stuff is in storage along with docs, this is by memeory. I just came upon this site. My friend and I sold gold jewelry to a pawn shop and gathered enough to send him 2000. Bazzare events happened, like being kept at aan airport jail, stayign at his lawyers house, lawyers wife being kidnapped and he found her and blah blah blah. I really eblieved him. I sent him meny i got from insurance to recover my furniture. And I've been livign out of a suitcase since then, minus 7 months (another tragic story).Total, I have W U docs sending him 6K plus. The freind I had to pay back, and he even saw me again on messenger, and said I was probably mad at him (ha!) and that he is still planning on paying me...right. THEN a miltary guy messages me and verifies taht I got swindled by him,giving me many names involved in his story and when I tell him it was $6000 plus, he said, "He lied to me!" He told me you sent only $1000! I'm mad!" Another message fropm him tells me that I owe him $132 to receieve it. I said, "Get it out of him, he owes it," because this seargent said that he was gettign money from him to investigate the case (yeah right); Matthew Moyers in yahoo also, and he was gettign sarcasticvally ugly"Well, when you really want it, send me the money. I guess youre not ready to get it yet." Somehow being on disability, I saved up enough (not having a car) to send. I was warned at WU places and I was so in love with him and waiting, and nada.

Country: USA   State: All USA

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