we are seller on this website, when any buyer clicked to add item on shopping cart, whether buyer pay or not, this website charged seller fee for every single item in advance.

we paid seller fee usd 800 to this website when we had lots of orders in march, 2013, but then later, only usd 100 seller fee should be taken, because of only few buyers actually paid.

so every time this paid in advance seller fee will be refunded after 21 days past after 2 invoices sent to buyers and they do not pay.

this website is somehow scam sellers fees in this way, some buyers never paid and their website let buyers to mark payments sent, after buyers clicked payment sent buttons, we sellers can not get our sellers fee back after 21 days and also 2 invoices sent. therefore each time each days we sellers need to message ioffer customer support to get our seller fees each day when buyers like this ( not paid but clicked payment sent button).

now the problem is this website would not refund us those sellers fee back, and also scam admin fee each time when we sellers message to get our seller fee back, they scammed us account admin fee usd 40 ( which is about 20 sales seller fees equiverant ) and also scammed us more than usd 80 in total to refuse to refund us those non received payments seller fees. and ignore our messages for 10 times lasted for 1 month already now. they scammed us seller fee for more than usd 200 now.

please do something for this website to prevent them scam sellers fee in this way.

am not the only seller who has this problem with this website, but lots of other sellers too.

Country: USA   State: California   City: San Francisco   Zip: 94107
Address: 82 S. Park St
Phone: 4154313344

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