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I applied for a short term loan from United Lending Services prior to 26th April 2013. On the 26th I check my bank records to discover that they and withdrawn $29.95 without my prior knowledge or consent. I complained to which a Ms. Luca responded that, when I gave them my banking information (I was asking for a loan!), I had given them consent. This was a lie. Their subsequent responses became more and more curt and arrogant; but, they would not return the money. This is the last letter I wrote to them today, 05-04-2013:

"Dear Sir/Madame:

On 26th April you withdrew $29.95 from my bank account without my prior knowledge. Subsequently you stated that you would return the fee if you did not procure a loan. You have neither procured a loan nor returned the unauthorized fee. The following is a transcript from my banking information at E*TRADE Financial. I have communicated with you numerous time about this; however your responses have become increasingly arrogant and uncooperative:

04/26/13 Purchase UNITED LENDING SER
Location: 631-629-1412 NY Unassigned

Om two occasions you have claimed that this transaction never took place; however, here is the proof. Your “webutation is abysmal; and, this will not help it improve. Please return these fund immediately. Because of you I have had to close my bank account and open a new one to which you will not be privy. I came to you for financial help, not to be robbed. Thank you for your attempt to improve my opinion of you."



I am awaiting "fraud dispute" papers to complete from E*TRADE Financial. I hope that anyone who sees this letter will be the wiser. The "webutation" of this outfit is horrible; and, I am not disposed to make it better.

Truly yours,

Jeremy of Honolulu

Country: USA   State: New York   City: New York   Zip: 10001
Address: 244 5th Avenue, Suite 200
Phone: 6316291412
Site: www.unitedlendingservices.com

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