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May 23,2012,I got a call from Michael Shaw the a pitch for a work from home business. 3 web sites:1-amazon.com,1 visa merchant,1 wyze money. I fgured amazon is a multi billion $ corp. so I'm sure to at the very least make my investment back.(yea right, not with a sub domain.)I bought.Fast forward 2 weeks,on the phone with my "coach" Emma ?,in which she tells me how to make "real" money with my business and they do everything for me for $20,000. And garenteed to make back my investment in 6 montehs or I will get my money back. She professed to have a way to direct traffic to "my site"with"live feed"intercepted and taken to my site by their team. And this is how they make money,the $20,000 is to pay for leads,If I don't make $ they won't either. I would check my back office fron time to time call in,Never did any one answer,but returned my call a few times within the first 60-90 days. Thats within the window of oppertunity to fole a dispute or charge-back with credit card co. after that is bye bye,see you later sucker. and when I realized what was happening I filed a dispute with the cc companies in which I got the $s credited on each card. I was sure the credit card companies would actually "DO THEIR JOB" and see the truth. I even went so far as to print onfo off the FTCs website with relevent statures/acts and even article on active cases in the US includeing Arizona Attorney Generals case and gharges against UNIVERSAL MARKETING>another money thieving "Gloabal" business. These people took my life savings! I'm disabled from a car accident in which I broke my neck,49 year old ,single mother, scared to death, now wondering how I'm going to provide for my daughter, now that these s.o.b.s stole the food and clothing that was rightfully my daughters. I live in fear and anioxity,and have spiralled into a deep depression and when my credit card bill comes i panic to see how much the balance increased from the (now)staggering high intrest rate,and scrapping to make the minimun payment.
If there is in any way to hold the credit card companies liable for neglegence,please inform me what resorse or action I can take to clear my debt and recoup my money back.
You see,during the investigation of my dispute, the merchant,Wyze Money,submitted fake documents in which they had dated January 24,2012, the transaction took place on May 23,2012 and June 1,2012. A huge red flag missed by the person in charge of my dispute case.I still to this day have actively demanded to leave the case open only to recieve letters stating the case is closed and its pass their legal time frame of respondsibility. I never,at any point, agreed to my case being closed. Because of the facts I showed proof of and submitted. I feel my rights as a consumer have been grossly violated and the situation in its entierity has left me devastated emotionally,mentally and physically,and has effected my ability to care for my 10 year old daughter.
DISCERNINGLY,MLB...(Personal Information Removed)

Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Phoenix   Zip: 85018
Address: 4112 E. Indian School Rd.
Phone: 8889551929
Site: www.wyzemoney.com

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