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I have made several attempts to resolve my account issues with customer support via phone conversations. The sequence of events are documented below. My patience has run out with your organization and I will pursuing a credit to my account via alternate legal methods.

April 5, 13 - placed online order for BetaForce supplement
- received call back from customer support agent named Chris. He confirmed my US shipping address and advised receipt of product on or before Apr 10, 13

Apr 15, 13 - I once again spoke with Chris and advised product did not arrive. He agreed to extend trial period and assured product in route and to be received "within couple days"

Apr 22, 13 - At this point I have lost interest in this product. I have missed my target to use prior to an upcoming vacation. Spoke with another agent, who advised that the order was shipped via an alternate method than normal for your company. He could not retract the shipment and I would have to wait to receive and at that time I could send back for complete refund. Note was entered to my account of this refund agreement.

Apr 30, 13 - Spoke with Chris once again. He asked me to wait until Friday May 3, 13 (he acted like he was guaranteeing the shipment arrival by a tracking method). He also told me my product "re-shipped". He acknowledged the note on account. I questioned the re-ship because I certainly did not authorize that action, my previous call I had advised that I am done with this and do not want to participate further or proceed with receiving any product from BetaForce

May 3, 13 - Attempted to contact Chris per his instruction that if I did not receive the product to call and speak with him. He was adamant I speak with him to resolve. Was told he was not in and would not be in until Saturday morning.

May 4, 13 - Called back again to speak with Chris on Saturday morning. Maria informed me that he would not be in until noon. My frustration has escalated to highest level to this point. I continued to speak with Maria and she told me I was charged the $79.95 times 3 products ($239.85) as the reoccurring fee for monthly subscription because I did not call to cancel. I really struggle with this statement, that I would be able to cancel a program which I have not even legally entered contract because I have not received the first product or completed the "free" 10 day trial. Maria explained to me that Chris was a new agent and commented the shipping error was internal. She advised that she could not credit my account back because she did not have authorization to do so. She then would come back to say she can credit one charge and a supervisor will call me within 24 hours. Maria also advised she would email with written comment that she has "stopped/cancelled" my monthly shipments. And that she would acknowledge in the email the credit amount. It's been 3 hours since that conversation and no email confirmation.

As stated previously I have had lots of patience in this matter; however, I will not be told untruths any longer. I have been willing to uphold my portion of this agreement since conception of the order. My contract was to start with receipt of received product, a 10 day trial and ability to cancel further purchases at the time of received product and within the 10day trial. Your records will show that I have been very diligent advising product never received and requesting trial period extension. It is not acceptable to charge my account for product I have not agreed to order or have not commenced the contract by accepting the 10day trial. AND days before advised your agent that I am not interested in moving forward with the supplements at all. IF that does not mean "cancel" monthly reoccurring fees.

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Lantana   Zip: 33465
Address: P.O. Box 3101
Phone: 8889759628

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