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I purchased a cable that transmits a computer screen to a flat screen television. The cable shorted out the computer and destroyed it. The terminals on the computer and cable were totally melted and even burned a hole in the table it was sitting on. The repair department (known as The Geek Squad) claimed they tested the cable on another computer and it worked fine which would be impossible because the pins in the cable were burned completely away. At first they offered to replace the mother board on the computer due to the defective part, but then retracted saying the computer was too old. It was built in Feb 2011. I find this hard to beleive as the computer is only 2 years old. The computer has hardly been used since new because it was a gift and we already had one. We had just started using said computer, and had it hooked to a printer the previous day in which the same port is used, and had no problem. My wife picked the computer up yesterday (5-3-13) and the store manager(Rick) acted as if he did not remember nor care. I strongly feel they should compensate us in some way. I understand the computer is 2 years old, and they do not hold their value very long, however I will have to buy a new one to replace it. Thank You,
David Williams
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Country: USA   State: Minnesota   City: Richfield   Zip: 55423
Address: 7601 Penn Avenue South
Phone: 6122911000,8882378289

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