We have deposited 21000 USD and 3,85,000 thru online and collected 1 gallon of liquid on 5th April 2013 from Kapoor Fluids account. Kapoor Fluids clearly said 10% return back charges incase if we need to return the liquid back.Here the thing is Kapoor Fluids are not allowing me to reach their office .After paying money they sent liquid to railway station without bills and without lables on the liquid. When i asked they said it is fresh stock and they said they will send test reports tomorrow.

We have deposited 85,000 In global associates and 3,00,000 into vineet enterprises.All these accounts are given by dolly kapoor. Below are the bank account details related to Kapoor Fluids.
Acc : (Personal Information Removed)
IFSC: HDFC0000085

Acc : (Personal Information Removed)
IFSC: ICICI0001025

Inbetween Anthony Hill said, that his boss is sending 2 Milion USD with Johnson mike(His co-worker) . I got confusion why he is sending money without testing liquid .I cleary asked to Anthony Hill somany times that what if the testing fails.He asked me to think positive .

From here the deal diverted from liquid to money.

I reached delhi on 7th April 2013 with liquid.On 6th april i I got Johnson mike air ticket details and hotel booking details from Anthony Hill's company. When i enquired about the room booking details oberoy gurgaon were not able to trace the booking details. On 8th April i got a call from Johnson mike , and said customs officers are not allowed to bring money without paying tax.That's the reason he is staying in UK embossy only.He said he paid 10000USD and he asked me to pay 4500USD online .He asked me to pay 45000 USD before testing the liquid .
Since i have the liquid with me i have taken dare step to pay the necessory amount .I have deposited 2,47,500 in below account.After that Johnson mike informed me to deposit 75,000 to issue certificate for me to take the money.
Bank : ICICI Current ,
Name : Ajay goswami,
ACC no : (Personal Information Removed),
IFEC : ICICI000057

After paying everything Johnson mike clearly confirmed that there will be no other charges i need to pay .But on the next day again he sent a mail stating the money went to RBI to convert and he asked me to pay 1% on 2 Milion.
At that point of time i realised that this is all part of fraud game.So I said i won't pay .
To find out the truth i asked Anthony Hill to pay money .He said he forwarded 5000USD to Johnson mike and asked me to pay reamining . By seeing this i got clarity that these guy's are frauds . Anthony Hill was not able to answer about his direct involvement in this money adjustment . As part of this deal he shouldn't involve directly.

Finally i concluded that these guy's are fraud guy's and sent a request to Kapoor Fluids company to return back the liquid.Before taking the liquid they said only 10% return back charges.When i decided to retun back the liquid they asked me to pay 20% return back charges on 28000USD. Kapoor Fluids company is not even ready pay remaining after deducting 20% from 28000USD .
Before paying money they clearly concluded that they will return back money to me within 30 min after paying the refund amount .When i said i will do money transfer only after meeting them ,but they said they will not entertine anyone to come to our office. So I have paid 2,31,000 on 15th April and 76,000 on 16th April as a refund charges in to below account.
BAnk : ICICI Current,
Name : randhir singh bhadoria,
ACC :(Personal Information Removed)
IFSC : ICICI0000283 .

After paing money they said it will take 7 working days .
Later on they started playing another game stating Anthony Hill contacted us said i am cheater .So we will not issue any money until unless you both compromises.I have forwarded all mail communication occured .Still they are not accepting. By seeing this i think they are also part of this fraud to take all money including refund charges.
Here the surprise thing is : They are taking decissions to send money to Anthony Hill without thinking , who will refund the liquid.If they are true manufacturer of the liquid, they should say we will refund the amount to the person who will submit the liquid.
Again i send the refund cancellation request to to test the genuinity .I am not getting any reply from them.I am not getting weather these guy's are frauds or not.I need your help to get my money back.
Below are some other accounts used by Kapoor Fluids.These accounts are also given by dolly kapoor

BAnk : ICICI ,
Name : Indujunal asif alam,
ACC :(Personal Information Removed)
IFSC : ICICI0001022 .

ACC :(Personal Information Removed)
IFSC : HDFC000159 .

Below are the contact details of Kapoor Fluids :
Makers Tower 7th Floor,
Nariman Point Mumbai-400021,
Maharashtra, India.
Tel: 91 223 208 4418
Email: kapoor.fluids@sify.com
Web : www.kapoorfluids.co.in

Mobile number of Dolly kapoor is : (Personal Information Removed)

Country: USA   State: Maharashtra   City: Nariman Point   Zip: Mumbai-400021
Address: Makers Tower 7th Floor
Phone: 912232084418,8879493484
Site: www.kapoorfluids.co.in

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