Ken Michaels

I’ve had an ongoing dispute with Ken Michaels since early October 2012. I gave him $4500 ($2300 through direct bank transfer from my Chase account to his Chase account) to reduce the principal on my mortgage (which I now know is impossible to do) and reduce my credit card debt ($2200 which he said was illegal but it didn't matter because the balance was going to be reduced anyway). He said he had “companies that do that kind of work” and that they would be able to help me. Throughout the entire time, all he did nothing except lie over and over, make excuse after excuse. There is lots and lots of evidence that he’s done this to many, many other people. He targets people who are in dire straights financially or health wise--which I was at the time--that's why I called him. He told me he mailed my check for $2300 on March 25, 2013--I never got it. The check he did send me for $2200 was dated April 11, 2013, the envelope was postmarked April 9, 2013 but was created on April 16, 2013. To me that means the check was no good. I will not accept anything less than the full $4500.
His blurb on his page says he’s “Always out to protect the consumer against mortgage and real estate fraud. My objective and the objective of the show is to provide consumers with the knowledge they need to protect themselves from unscrupulous lending practices.” - THAT’S THE BIGGEST LIE. He’s only out for himself — not the consumers.
Thank you.
Tina Rustman

Country: USA   State: California   City: Valencia   Zip: 91355-6036
Address: 27252 Newhall Ranch Road, #9
Phone: 8185405454

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