I recently ported out my MJ number to my cell phone because I was (due to unreliable service on my MJ) having to call forward my MJ calls to my cell phone and I was about to violate their TOS which states you cannot forward call to a non MJ number for more than 2 weeks, the penalty for which is having your service cut-off without notice, then we would have lost our number that everyone has.

You can still forward calls on your MJ, go to
Just don't do it continually or you may end up in MJ hell.

So, back to m story. I decided to be proactive and get the number while I had the chance. If you want to port out your MJ number the only way is to go to MJ's online chat and ask for your account number. This is an 8-digit number that has no relationship to your phone.

The company to which you want to port your number will need to know that account number, your password (the one you use to log into MJ which MJ has converted any letters to uppercase, and the 911 address on MJ. I was lucky enough to work with the T-mobile porting department to try to get through all the hoops and when we got the port to comeback from MJ without an error, the T-mo guy said "Great that should be done within 24 hours... wait, they've set a 3 day delay."

During the 3 day delay MJ will send you an "Urgent" email telling you to click on a link that takes you to a page that tells you you need to pay $30.00 plus a couple dollars in "fees" in order to complete the port. This is a lie, the port is in process and will complete in the 3 days, whether or not you pay. DON'T PAY IT. They're just trying to punish you for leaving and getting the equivalent of another year's service out of you. Trying to extort another 30 bucks from you is probably against FCC rules anyway.

If you are currently an MJ customer, you should protect yourself for them charging additional years of service (for which you will almost never be able to get a refund) without your kknowledge. Log into your MJ account and go to the ACCOUNT tab and to AUTO/RENEW and make sure the box is unchecked unless you do want them to dip into your finances. Better yet, go to MANAGE PMT INFORMATION and delete your credit/debit card data.

You probably have tried to call a US or Canadian number only to reach a recording that you must buy prepaid minutes to call that number. There are a couple of issues here. They can't or won't tell you how much it'll cost per minute for this call, you've got to buy minutes of at least $10.00 and they expire in 6 months and cannot be transferred to another MJ. A better solution is to buy prepaid minutes from or and use their 800 access number (which MJ cannot block) and most calls in the USA/Canada will cost 3¢ a minute and your balance won't expire. You'll also get really good international rates.
And they inform you of the call rate every time you make a call.

And their free 411 service will only give you listings for businesses, so if you want a residential listing you can call 800-FREE-411.

I hope this information will be helpful to others dealing with MJ to keep you for having a horrible experience.

Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 4252740657

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