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A fast-talking salesman called me at work on a busy Friday afternoon and said he represented RCI Travel (I am a member) and was offering a discounted travel package. I'm embarrassed to say that I agreed to put a down payment of $99 on my card in order to get the URL for this great package.

When I went online, I could quickly see that this wasn't such a great deal. Pretty much a way to fill up small empty units at off-peak times. The package would end up costing $1,700 - plus almost all the hotels had extra per-person/per-day charges. So I called the following Monday to cancel.

I got what I expected - placed on hold innumerable times for long, LONG waits, each time listening to a short loop of canned steel drum music. then juggled around to a half dozen people, each of which tried some new sales psychology tactic on me. FINALLY, I got them to confirm my cancellation and agree to refund my money within 7-10 days. Although they tried my patience, I was courteous the entire time - just firm. Still, when they saw they were getting nowhere with me, after the last long hold, they announced that they'd refund my money and hung up on me.

I waited 11 business days; no refund. So I called back. I was put on a series of holds for an hour. Finally, someone from the Finance Department answered. He said, "Hello? HELLO?" and hung up.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I called back. Finally got through to the Finance Department again. Different guy. He said that he showed a credit to my account but that he could do a conference call with my bank to make sure it went through. I told him I was looking at my online account right then and was 100% certain it hadn't. Wasn't pending; wasn't there. He wanted to do the conference call. So I gave him the customer service number. Then he disconnected the call.

I called back a THIRD time. I got the operator this time. She said she'd try the extension. 40 minute hold (same idiotic loop of steel drum hold music every time). A guy came on the line, "Financedepartmentholdplease." Finally got through to Ivan. He said the payment had been credited, but it was still pending and would probably go through the next day. He gave me his personal extension to call if it didn't. I waited THREE more days. No credit. Called Ivan. Voicemail. Left message. No response. End of my rope. Thanks for "listening"!

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