Massage Envy

On 12/29/12 I went to Massage Envy as I was given a gift card for Christmas. I joined the membership and agreed to 54.00 being taken out of my account each month. I live over 60 miles from the facility and became aware that I would be unable to get the massages on a monthly basis. I asked if I could cancel my membership due to the long travel time. They said yes and I would have to complete a form. When I noticed my account it showed 59.00 was deducted rather than 54.00 that was on my account. I contacted them about this mistake and they apologized and said that I could buy a product with the overpayment amount. I tried to fax in my cancellation form and the fax machine would not work. I contacted ME and they said to try faxing it again. I did that and it still wouldn't work. I called again and they gave me a number to the office next door and that wouldn't work either. I contacted them again and all they said was I'm sorry. I had to return to Memphis on a Saturday to bring in the form. I was told that I would not be charged again from my account. When I looked on my account on 4/29/12 not only was I charged again but I was charged 59.00 rather than the 54.00. I contacted them again and I was told that I could not be refunded any of my money. I feel betrayed and lied to because first of all my account should have had 54.00 withdrawn rather than 59.00. I tried faxing in my suspension form and couldn't do that. I had to travel and hour to get the form in. I was told that my account would not be deducted again and it was. I didn't even get the overcharge back. This is one of those companies that accommodate themselves once they obtain your account # and not the customer.

Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Scottsdale   Zip: 85260
Address: 14350 North 87th Street Suite 200
Phone: 6028891090

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