Toyota sends me a letter for a recall on my Toyota Matrix. I came last Friday, April 26, and let them do the recall. As soon as I get home I notice something strange with my car. One normally if after turning off my car and left the key, it will give me a beep sound informing me I left my key, I was surprised I have my key in my hand and it's beeping. The whole weekend I didn’t use my car. Come Monday I still have the same problem with the beeping. My husband said observe your car, Tuesday morning I try to lock my car from a distance normally when I reached the floor where I worked look up the window and push the lock button to make sure I know its lock but that morning I'm surprised. As I was about to go home that afternoon, I was totally shocked, my car won’t start, totally dead, when I start the engine there was this flickering noise like an electrical activity going on. Thru the help of some one, first they found out the battery are loose. They jump start the battery for a few minutes but still didn't start, tried for second time a little bit longer still no luck, the third time much longer. They said the battery was totally drained. My remote stater was not even working too. I DON'T KNOW AS OF NOW WHAT ELSE IS NOT WORKING. I call TOYOTA asked them what they did to my car, the service manager LAVARON, told me bring the car back. IT WAS RUNNING GOOD UNTIL I BROUGHT MY CAR FOR RECALL. The service attendant Reggie was expecting me that Wednesday (5/1), I explained everything to him, and was even telling me the one I'm showing him is not a remote starter. I told him, I've been driving my car for the last 10 yrs. and I know what I have. He came back to me and told me whatever they did to my car messed up the computer and unfortunately the person who does the work is not schedule to come and will come the following day but doesn’t know the exact time. He gave me a loaner car and told me he will call. The following day it was 4pm I haven't heard from them, so decided to call, "He said, they haven't check my car yet. after not awhile he called back telling me, the carspa people said what happen to my remote starter got nothing to do with what they recall, and his manager is already out, so just return the loaner car and pick-up my car and will get back on you the following day. His manager, PAUL, call me at around 10am, saying he's calling me because I have a question. I told him I don't have a question and Reggie told me you will call me to let me know what you are going to do with my car to fix it. Paul said he is being nice but there’s nothing they can do with it since they got nothing to do with it. I asked him “WHAT IS THE LOGIC BEHIND ALL OF THIS, MY CAR WAS RUNNING GOOD UNTIL I BROUGHT IT FOR RECALL! He said my car is old. And there is nothing they can do.

Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 3104684000corporate,8003314331,2122230303

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