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ought a StraightTalk phone(Motorola W418G) from Walmart with the features I
wanted,StraightTalk has a glitch in their system,just as they had
recently on their website,both of which I made note of to
StraightTalk,issue with phone system glitch,I call Rep for
StraightTalk,Rep winds up telling me that it is a problem with my phone
I just bought,insisting that there is no problem with their system,being
rude towards me & hanging up on me,I file a complaint with the Better
Business Bureau,stating in my complaint that if it's the case
of a problem with the phone I just recently bought, StraightTalk needs to
provide me with a replacement,Immediately StraightTalk sent a
replacement phone up front(LG231C) with the packaging & instructions to return the phone that supposedly had a malfunction,the replacement
phone they sent(LG231C) didn't have the same features as the one I originally purchased ,although in the booklet that comes with the phone states
that it does,(LG231C)section 2.1& in bold print,subsection 2 & 3,& also in small
print states unlimited plan will not show minute bal. displayed. called
StraightTalk to discuss with them why this replacement they sent does
not have the same features as the one I purchased,was told they didn't
make those anymore,informed the Rep a friend of mine just bought himself
one 3-4 months ago that does have that feature,Reps does some research
finds out they do & I am supposedly processed & approved another
replacement,come to find out both replacement phones are of less quality
than the one I original chose & purchased,plus StraightTalk required me
to send the phone I had at the time in first,I have had 2 inquiries
concerning items I have advertised for sale before this situation
arose,being as I am unable to contact these potential buyers or them
me,I have potential loss of sales in the amount of $350-$1,000 after
numerous e-mails & phone conversations with Rep's I still have no
definite answers to my questions or exactly what model phone they are
providing as a replacement of the one not having the same features &
quality or better of the one I purchased,basically,StraightTalk is going
to tell me it is a problem with the phone I had just recently
purchased,they should provide a replacement phone with the same features
& quality or better as a replacement to start with,speaking with a rep yesterday,May 2,2013, was informed supposedly they are sending my back the same type phone as the one they sent in replacement(LG231C) for the type phone I originally purchased,but have received no notification of when,although I specifically told them that is the same model phone I had sent bk to them,which they received last Friday April 26,2013 & checking my cell phone voice mail,using my home phone,I have missed & can not call persons who live around me asking for my assistance,also there was a voice mail from a Tracphone/StraightTalk rep, although they know I have sent the phone back to them & everytime I have called to inquire when they are sending me my phone,they are always asking for the Fed-Ex tracking number,that info should be noted on my account records with them,& they quit responding to my e-mail inquiries,the last few they sent kept informing me to call one of their service rep's even when I informed them I have already done that numerous times

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Miami   Zip: 33178
Address: 9700 NW 112th Avenue
Phone: 3057156500,8774302355

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