James Roger Cole

James Roger Cole met on Confirio.com online September 24, 2011 to approximately November 2012. He said that he was a jeweler, had his own business in gold jewelery. Had to go to Ghana in November 2011 to get more gold dust. Was worth millions of dollars. We were going to be married when he returned. Have saved all conversations from him and pictures of the gold bars that he got in GHANA. He got his "attorney" Barrister OmarJoseph to fill out all the paperwork, also, had the Barrister contact me. The next thing I know he needed to borrow a little money for the Accra High Court, then he was at the Kotoka International Airport, then he couldn't go through customs with the gold, wanted to send it to me directly, I wouldn't accept it, as I didn't know him, nor, didn't know if this was legal or not. He lived two hours away from me, I forget where now, and told him to have the gold shipped to his home. He said that there wasn't anyone there to accept the trunks of gold. I had borrowed more money from many people to have it go through customs, then more money was needed for the Kotoka International Airport for some other papers and the High Courts, the next thing I know, something went terribly wrong. Papers never came through, his attorney Barrister OmahJoseph was calling me, doctors were calling me saying that James Roger Cole was very ill and that they wouldn't treat him in the hospital until the money was paid to them. They would let him die, as that is how they do it with foreigners. I borrowed more money...getting phone calls from now James Roger Cole, Barrister Omah Joseph, Doctors Richards and the texts, phone calls, e-mails were unending and desperate for money. I even contacted my local law enforcement agency here in Pennsylvania as James was going to commit suicide if he didn't receive the money. I really thought he loved me. He, the attorney said as long as I sent the money Western Union they would pay me back double with interest to pay back everyone that I owed. That James Roger Cole was in danger because he was a white man and needed to get out of GHANA or he would be killed. That's the long and short version. I got scammed out of $250,000 that i owe people, 41,000 here $3,000 there, and it just kept adding up. Now everyone has disowned me and don't trust me. I lost my life savings and almost lost my home. When I finally was informed that I was being scammed by a con artist.

Country: USA   State: Bow   City: London   Zip: E3 2SJ
Address: 221 Bow Road
Phone: 8883793883
Site: scambook.com

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