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Dear Sir/Madame:

On 04-24-2013 I was contacted by a Mr. Hector Bentley of USA Cash Services at (508) 281-6970 after I had made an online application for a $2000.00 loan. Mr. Bentley asked me to send the company $197.00 via a "GreenDotMoneyPak" from Walgreens, to charge it with the money (charged it with $200.00) for a good faith act and to call him with the 14-digit number on the back; and that it would be returned with the loan. On 04-27-2013 Hector called and said that he needed $200.00 to repair my credit score. I said I only could send $195; and, Hector said OK, all done the same way as before. On 04-29-2013 I called Hector who said he was unable to either procure the loan nor to repair my credit (which sounded strange since it is very reparable). I asked him to return the $395.00 to which he responded, "It will take 48-hours." I called today several times the last being at 1:21PM Hawaii time, (making it 7:21PM EST or 4:21PM PST). Every time I called I got a message "...all lines are busy, please try your call later...". I then procured another number from the Internet for USA Cash Services at (877) 309-2274 or at and was informed that they did not know of any Hector Bentley and that someone had been riding their coattails defrauding their potential customers this way. They advised me to contact , which is where I found your number. The "GreenDotMoneyPak" numbers are 8114-4191-0790-44 and 0004-5562-5085-49 and the contact telephone number on the back is (800) 473-3636. I think I've been had! Thank you for your attention.


Jeremy D. Wilson (Personal Information Removed) or (Personal Information Removed) or (Personal Information Removed)

PS: Because of the prank outlined above, my bank account has been overdrawn and I can make not payment at the present time; so, if you are motivated primarily by your fee, please direct me elsewhere. The E-mail address I gave you is bogus. You can only E-mai. them through the web site; however, your web site won't work unless I lie to it. Thank you

Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 5082816970

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