Jail Call Services

Please do not use this site it is 100% a scam!!!
What they do is tell you that they can provide you with a local number for your loved one to reach you and they are saving you money but the reality is they they are not. you are paying out of pocket twice because you have to pay them monthly and pay and pay a seperate prepaid company like Global telelink per call.Yet They guarantee you unlimited minutes. Wait that's not the kicker, the kicker is they use google voice to obtain a local number which is free, I became aware of this because shortly after them activating a number for me I received an email from google voice stating they my current number that I use with had been claimed by another google voice user. If had not already had a google voice account I would not have figured this out. For those who have loved ones in prison and you need a local number to save money simply go on google voice, request a number, and have it forwarded to your home or cell phone. Its free and you save money because now you have a local number to provide the prepaid company with. DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY ANY MORE MONEY THEY ARE NOT REALLY PROVIDING A SERVICE!

Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Dallas   Zip: 75204
Address: 3523 McKinney Ave., #750
Phone: 9723385271
Site: www.jailcallservices.com

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