US Legal Asset Advisors

My name is Donna Defayette and I am Handicapped and going through foreclosure on my home. I got a phone call from US Legal Advisors the beginning of February 2012. They told me that they would audit my mortgage to see if there was any fraud with my mortgage. They asked questions about my payments how long I was in foreclosure and they told me about all the red flags that went up as I explained all I was going through. I finally thought someone was listening to me. I agreed to sign their contract, that stated if they could not help or could not find any fruad with my mortgage, they would give me back half my money. It has been over a year now and I have called every work daY for the last three months and they will not talk to me. I even sent them a certified letter that they would not sign for and it was sent back. I even called some of the lawyers that were affilliated with the company, and I asked the lawyers if this company was still in business and have them call me, still nothing. I truly believe that this company scammed me and I have no where to turn to get my money or half my money back so I can hire another lawyer. I hope you find my complaint important enough to help me. Thank you with all my heart, Donna Defayette

Country: USA   State: New York   City: Brooklyn   Zip: 11210
Address: 1689 Flatbush Avenue
Phone: 8555299898

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