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They've illegally garnished my SSDI without properly giving me any advance notification in writing whatsoever. Social Security Admin garnished 15% of my monthly SSDI, thus leaving me with less than enough to survive on within a monthly basis. I am a New York resident but about to relocate to a more legal and ethical state. There are a slew of tv news reporters working at that location, in particular, a few investigative reporters that work for that ABC tv show 20/20. There is an Asian male there that has a strong resemblance to that newsreporter John Quinones and there's also an Asian woman there that strongly resembles a local tv news reporter for ABC7 local news that are all working the front desks inside of that Social Security Administration location, which is probably a fake location masked as a S.S.A. office. Furthermore, the public library in downtown Flushing, Queens, NYC is a fraudulent library that was determined and verified as a marketing company operating out of that building. That place isn't a real public library and thus, they persons working there have deceived patrons going into that building whom have applied for a Queens Library Card there, collecting that unsuspecting person's personal data (name/address/driver license #/phone #, etc.). There are very serious yet troublesome & deceptive practices going on in the downtown Flushing, Queens, NYC area.

Country: USA   State: DC   City: Washington   Zip: 20005
Address: 1445 New York Ave NW, 2nd Floor
Phone: 8555487625,2026957000,2024081745

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