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Here is our story. Ultimate Automobiles (aka Motorsport) sold us a 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid which had major problems; however, they failed to inform us of these problems when we bought the car. Before we bought the car, all the lights on the dashboard were on, including engine light, brake light, IMA light, maintenance light, SRS light (for airbag). They told us it would not cost too much to get all these issues repaired, just around several hundred dollars. We then paid a deposit on April 20 to buy the car.

On April 22 dealer Ultimate Automobiles put a state inspection sticker on the car which indicated the car had passed the state inspection for Texas. Then we paid for the rest of the car in cash on April 22 and signed the agreement that we are aware of the car's condition and would be responsible for the repair costs by ourselves.

But we were not aware at that time that the car would not pass the state inspection if all the lights are on, especially the engine light. Then we drove the car back home with all the lights on on the dashboard. We parked the car at home until April 27, when we sent the car to a Honda dealer to do a full inspection of the car and asked how much it would be to get all the things repaired caused by all the lights on. After their inspection, the Honda dealer give us an estimate on May 1 with an inspection report saying it would cost more than 8,000 dollars to get the car repaired!!! This was more than the price we had paid for the car itself.

The Honda dealer and we are all wondering how Ultimate Automobiles got the state inspection passed with all the lights on, especially the engine light. We asked Ultimate Automobiles to take back the car, but they refused and would not answer our phone calls, which is a big red flag.

Yes, we signed the agreement with Ultimate Automobiles that we will be responsible for the car repair costs, but were told we only needed several hundreds dollars! Moreover, from the beginning a dealer should not sell the car to us or to anybody with all the lights on especially the engine light, and the car should not have passed the state inspection.

We believe that Kelly and JOE, the manager, are involved in a scam. We are filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the Department of Public Safety and are considering taking legal action.

Later, we found out online that other customers were cheated by this car dealership.

Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Stafford   Zip: 77477
Address: 12227 Murphy Rd
Phone: 2816577293,2819199632
Site: www.ultimateautocorp.com

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