Essence of Argan

BEWARE!!! Unfortunately, I too was scammed by this horrible company! After clicking on a free trial link on my facebook page, I received a sample, however, it was EXPIRED! I received it in February and the tiny printed expiration date on the bottle was 08/12. When I tried to email them, the email was returned stating that I must call them. When I called it took several tries to get through as the number was busy. When I finally got through, I was told to return the product and that they would send me a FRESH bottle upon receipt of my return. They issued me a Return authorization number. Well, it has been over a month now and I have received absolutely nothing. So I decided to call them today and guess what? They never received my return!! They asked me for a delivery confirmation, however, I did not ship it with a return receipt because they didn't tell me I had to!! They are full of lies. I already paid $4.99 for the "shipping and handling" for the expired product that they initially sent and now I am out another few dollars for this crap that I sent back which they didn't receive?

Additionally, within 15 days they charged my bank account $83.80 which thankfully my bank stopped from going through because they thought it was fraud (which it was!). They had to reissue my bank card twice though which was very inconvenient since I had set up auto debits and had to contact those other vendors to give them my new card.

I am glad that I only lost about $10 to these scammers, since I have read that others have lost much more and I am grateful that I did not loose more monetarily, however, I have lost a lot of my time complaining to the company and about them and this is priceless. I have probably lost a few hundred dollars of my time. The negative experience with this company has left me with a bad taste for trying the argan oil product and I NEVER will get to try this product because of the stupid people who are dishonest at Essence of Argan.

Country: USA   State: All USA   City: Strovolos, 2021 Nicosia
Address: 9 Karpenisiou Street
Phone: 8668811391

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