Enterprize Car Rental Az. 15075 N.Hayden Rd Scottsdale

On 4/9/13 I rented a car from Enterprize. My insurance covered 80% and 20% I had to pay.
That morning Igot a call from their office stating that State Farm approved the rental. When I checked in they said there would be a $50.00 deposit. I paid that with a debit card. Two days later I was checking my bank statement on line and found they had taken $250.
from my account even though I only approved $50.00. I went back to complain and they said It was a mistake and credited me back the $200.00 OK i can live with that.
Apon my return on the 29th of April I had a 1/2 a tank of gas in the car and they tried to charge me for a full tank. That was anther (so called) mistake. I then asked him what my total bill was and he said $160.00.
I than asked him about my deposit of $50.00. He than told me my deposit was $200.00.When I asked him how come, he then informed me that they took out of my account an addional $150.00. I blew my top that they could take out of my account with out me knowing about it. He than showed me the contract is very small print that they take out an addional amount for a deposit.
I was never informed by the agent that they could do that. I thought I was signning a lease contract My answer to them was I should have been informed. You should not take out of any account with out being informed. I did not authorize any such thing I think the least this was a shady transaction
After arguing with ,My deposits out weighted my payments and they owed me money
I feel you must inform the customer when you are taken any money out of his account.

Country: USA   State: Missouri   City: St. Louis   Zip: 63105
Address: 600 Corporate Park Dr.
Phone: 8002646350,8002617331
Site: www.enterprise.com

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