Divine A Kirkman

I met Divine online through tagg social site In June of 2012 we started talking on yahoo messenger he was looking for a wife I went to New York in September to see if I liked it there . While I was there he then told me about money that he had in tied up that his lawyer was taking care of and while he was waiting on that to come through how much could I send him I told him nothing he stated if I could just help him through this we would be alright. And he was also going to do realastate . He had a letter confirming that he had this money. I went back home started getting ready to move to New York my lease was up on my apt. so I did not sight another started staying with relatives and give up my care because I could not take it to NY. I started sending him money every two weeks from Oct. 7th 2012 to April 7th 2012 without fail. we were buy a house there. I would put between 350 and 400 every two weeks some sums being 500.00 and recently he had some argent need and as me "don't you have a savings I said yes from my income tax and he got that all sum to about 7,000.00 d. I used two Walgreens for the pay pal greendot cards. I kept the cards about a month ago he asked me to send him the cards so that his lawyer could send me my money back. I sent the cards to him alone with my banking info so that the lawyer could put in my account. After that did not happen I question him and he said that the lawyer if I wanted my money back maybe he should do a prenult before we get married. And everytime I as him to let me go ahead and come to New York because I did not have anywhere to go living from pillow to post he would give me another date. And I noticed the date that he would give would be after the 7th and 22 when my coming to New York would take place. His promise to me was that we would be married and live happily ever after.

Country: USA   State: All USA

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