Pinellas Powersports Pinellas Park, FL

I have been reading Eco-Green Machines aka Pinellas Powersports "not so good" reviews for years but I had faith that their Management & Staff have also been reading these reviews and must have made much improvements to stay in business. Well, I was convinced by their latest ads that read "It has been through our service department, has been serviced and inspected...Plus 30 day Pre-Owned Warranty on all bikes" to think that would equate to a BAD experience for me. So, on 2/11/13 I finally decided to buy a bike from them and BOY was I WRONG!

The custom painted 2011 Suzuki Katana 600 bike I selected in person was NOT pre-inspected & fully serviced like advertised. But I was not aware of this until AFTER they QUICKLY walked me to the BACK sales room and had me sign financial papers with LARGE $399.99 dealer fees and swipe my debit card for the down payment. HOURS later I was told by my sales person the bike is NOT ready and to go home and pick it up tomorrow. Tomorrow NEVER happened. The bike I bought was NOT ready for 2 more weeks due to the ENGINE had to be replaced. Also they would not tell me how many miles were on it. Was there an ENGINE SWAP going on in the back service department? On 2/25/13 they called & said it was ready. I came in to pick up the bike and noticed BOTH side mirrors were MISSING so I had to hunt for my sales person and had them install store shelf aftermarket ones. After waiting, I had the bike towed to my home not realizing there was going to be FUEL & OIL LEAKING. What a MESS!

First, on 2/28/13 I PAID to have it TOWED back to them with a NOTE to FIX these PROBLEMS because I could not get anybody to answer the phone. All they quickly did was BAND-AID the problems because fuel & oil was still leaking after I had the bike BACK home again. The second time on 3/2/13 I called and spoke with the service department they had an attitude & did not want to hear from me so I spoke to their friendly Management on 3/4/13 & I PAID to have it TOWED to them AGAIN for the second time on 3/13/13 to completely fix it...right? Well, on 3/15/13 the service department called with a message "the bike is ready & you can call". So before the next pick up I called back on 3/16/13 and asked if there are any more leaking fluids and they replied saying "no" & "this & that was done and I can come and get it"! I trusted them and had it towed back to my home again on 3/19/13 feeling much better. WRONG AGAIN, because to this day 3/31/13 I may have test ridden the bike no more than a few yards "in FEAR" around my home. Because the bike could catch on FIRE or EXPLODE due to the gas & oil leakage. It STILL HAS FUEL DRIPPING at the FUEL KNOB & running down the custom painted fairings & OIL LEAKING and making a mess inside the lower fairing.

The 30 day warranty "WHAT WARRANTY" is now over and there will NOT be a third CALL or TOW to PINELLAS POWERSPORTS because I CANNOT trust them with my LIFE. In spite of them instructing me to "Ride it home and you don't need a tow". The COST of these (4)TOWS totaling $120.00 should have been reimbursed. And most importantly I cannot let my FRUSTRATION of their UNTRUE SALES ADS & POOR SERVICE consume me anymore. So, my current plans are to let the bike sit because it could catch on fire/explode & save some of my hard earned money and WALK my bike I bought from THEM to someone who takes pride in their work and have it fixed CORRECTLY with worry free confidence.

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Pinellas Park   Zip: 33781
Address: 7000 Park Blvd
Phone: 7274971777,7275451900

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