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Here is the info they try to sucker folks with. Unfortuneately, it looks like they took advantage of one poor soul. Be Aware. SCAM.

My name is David Larsen, I'm Senior Project manager of Orange
I will help you to handle the last and most complex part of the hiring
process and join our team.

You have successfully passed our security verification and financial

And before move forward I would like to send you detailed description
of the next steps. So please read it carefully and let me know will
you be able to handle everything.

Right now we can send you necessary training materials and assign
you to trial projects. Training materials you'll be receiving
from Emma and I will guide you through the first projects.
Trial period will last for three weeks.
Salary during that period is the same as for part-time
position ($5500/month).

Here is detailed description of Supply manager position and trial period.

Among your duties will be getting necessary equipment for our new
branches in USA and Europe.
I will forward you full list of necessary equipment and you will be
purchasing that equipment in batches piece by piece.
Also I will give you our bank account information so you will be able
receive necessary funds.

Salary is $5500 per month. Paid by check or by direct deposit every two weeks.
Additional 39 commission based on payment amount.

You receive an Iphone or Blackberry as soon as you get the first payment.
In a month we'll provide MacBook Pro for your personal use.
Right now we are taking decision about company vehicle for our

Among your duties is getting necessary equipment for our company.
Office equipment, complex optical, photo and video equipment.
First of all I'll send you a list of necessary equipment and you'll have
to find the best seller with the best price and the best delivery options.

Financial Flow:
We'll give you access to our corporate bank account. And for the
first two weeks you will be able to provide payments from our account
to any of yours credit card and use it to purchase necessary equipment.
I have attached pdf file with explanation of that process, and
several files with examples.

Please review the attachments and make sure you clearly understand:
balance", "Credit limit" and "Available credit".

Please note:
1. You WON'T have to involve any money of your own.
2. You WON'T have to share any sensitive information (account or ssn numbers)
for this project.
3. You receive deposit to your credit card from our bank account BEFORE you
purchase any equipment.

From the material sent, it appears that our bank account is to be enrolled on
your local system as the source for payment of credit card bills.
To enroll bank account you will need our account number and routing number.
The sequence is then for you to pay your current balance with funds from the
company bank account.That operation will bring your balance to 0.
As soon as it posts you can use it for any project purposes.

That method of payment is only for trial period. In a three weeks you will
receive a corporate credit card.

Waiting for you to let me know you understand the procedure.

It willn't be any unexpected tasks. I will inform you about everything in
advance so you will have a time to adjust your scheduler.

Please let me know if you have any questions or purposes.

Thank you
David Larsen
Project manager
Orange Media

Country: USA   State: All USA

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