I ordered a tablet with shipping express and paid via Western Union with following details: Beneficiary:BiaoLuo
First Name:Biao
Last Name:Luo
Address:3 Unit 4A,Row C, Building 2,Bishuilongting, Minzhi Road,Longhua,Baoan

1) First bad news:
Daisy (fictive name) answered by email: his colleague made error by sending the product with standard method, so she pretended giving me back the extra shipping money when I received my item &--gt; LIAR

2) second bad news:
I discovered the tracking number they provided me was wrong: the packet was delivered to another person on 03/20/2013. After investigation, the person who received this packet was a Chinese woman whose name Yasmin Wirja Künzli. Their fraud associate certainly! &--gt; SCAM

3) No news from them after several emails from my part
&--gt; SCAM company:

Country: USA   State: All USA   City: Shenzhen   Zip: 518000
Address: 3 Unit 4A, Row C, Building 2, Bishuilongting, Minzhi Road, Longhua, Baoan District
Phone: 8675589489873,8613148731762,868613725582586

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