Frank Elans

I met a guy on a dating site ( and we got to talking and one day he wanted to send me flowers and he did. This gent said he was in Scotland working but was from Florida. As weeks went by things were good until one day ..oh about a month into it, he said to me he couldnt get home to his daughter for her birthday and asked me if I could send her $200.00. He said he would give back. Well not long after that he needed more money...$500.00 to pay a bill untill he got home. As this goes on, he told me he was leaving scotland to come and see me. When he got to the airport he said they arrested him for child trafficking...he said he had his daughter with him. The person at the air port said they will arrest him and it would cost 47000.00 to release him. I could not come up with all this money but sent want I could. In all this while he aways kept saying. I dont know what I would do with out you. you are my life and my heart..This went on for months, 200.00 here and 700.00 there on till all $7000.00 was paid. All money was sent Western Union. Just on April 12 2013 I sent the last money to him $2000.00 for a plane ticket to me. He told me he would be here on the 15th. He also told me he was flying KLM...when he sent me flight info on Air France I knew something was up. He called me on the 13th and said he wanted to hear my voice before he went to bed. I never heard from him. Just on the 25th of april, this gentleman called me and said he was a lawyer and Mr Elans Frank was in a car accident and was killed. Seems strange to me as I texted him that morning. I felt something strange here so I went on a couple different dating sites..and sure enough there he is. I disguised my name and showed no pic and left him a message that I wanted to chat to him...he did not know me. He said he was glad to have my message and that he has not had feelings for a woman in a long time. I spent my life savings on him and all the promises of having a life together. Everyday he called me and even at night.Such a loving man. He told me he was from Florida..but on these other sites it said he was from California....really, he was from Nigeria, I found that out too late. Please,,,please can something be done...I feel ashamed that I got duped by him. And I lost all my life savings. Is there a way to put his name all over internet to help other women?...My name is Sherry Rossignol..I live in Canada (ONTARIO)

Country: USA   State: All USA

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