The Foreclosure Law Center, Drew Alia

If you think this law firm can help you, you are wrong. They have only made me poorer and added to my mortgage nightmare!
Supposedly, they were to represent me as my attorney of record, attempting to get my loan modified. They tld me as recently as last week that they had submitted my file to the underwriters. I spoke with my lender and they said thy have never been contacted by my attorney, and that my home is in foreclosure status. Honestly, I could go on and on about GMK Solutions and The Foreclosure and what a scam they are. Dealing with them is like dealing with a group of gangsters!
Here is an email that I received just yesterday from Louis Chait ( their Audit Compliance officer).

"Fact: Your signed agreement was dated 2/12/13. Fact: Page 5 of the signed agreement section 5 clearly states “Legal fees are Not refundable.” Fact: Page 5 of the signed agreement also clearly states in section 6 “RESULTS NOT GUARANTEED.” I am sure you are aware of what you signed.
However I do want to point a few things out to you. Upon receipt of your signed agreement our paralegal department immediately sets up a folder on your case, and enters your case in our computer record keeping system known as SX3. Our computer record keeping system has recorded 37 communications between us and you and or your lender. Beginning on 2/14/13 up to and including 4/26/13. At the same time our paralegal department is doing work our forensic audit department also sets up a folder in order to complete your forensic audit. Fact: A forensic audit was completed and a copy was emailed and mailed to you, and I personally reviewed the audit with you. It is monumentally obvious and glaring that a great deal of professional time effort and energy has been spent on your case for the last two months. Having brought to your attention the terms and conditions of the signed agreement, and the work that was completed on your case, your refund request is denied."
If we can figure out a way to get together, we might be able to form a class action suite against them! Check out this link there is already a suit against them GMK/Alia Law Group and the CN. Banking Commission.

Country: USA   State: Pennsylvania   City: Philadelphia   Zip: 19102
Address: The Foreclosure Law Center, P.C., 1518 Walnut Street, Suite #1506
Phone: 8886005505

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