ABS Consulting Company

Jason Watson of ABS solicited me by phone in Feb of 2013 about selling our Mayan Palace timeshare for $36,425. He told me he already had a buyer the only cost I would incur is an 8% commission fee ($2914). I agreed to sell. Steve Griffin of JPM Closing Services of San Antonio Texas handled the closing of this sale. On March 11, 2013 Mr Griffin instructed me to pay a $3430 title transfer fee (he said this was required by Mayan to be paid by the owner and I would be reimbursed at payment)via a wire transfer through JP Morgan Chase Bank. On March 28, Mr Watson called and told me the Mexican Government was holding up the sale of my timeshare for sales tax. He said they wanted $7572 in sales tax and by Mexican law, only the property owner could pay the tax. JPM's Steve Griffin sent me a guarantee of reimbursement statement and instructions for paying the tax via wire transfer through Chase Bank again. I paid the tax. On April 11 JPM's Steve Griffin called and told me the closing for the sale would be complete after I sent him the 8% sales commission and a $1499 closing cost. Again, I have a guarantee of reimursement statement that said I would be reimbursed for all expenses except for the 8% sales commission. I paid the sales commission and closing cost via wire transfer again through Chase Bank. On April 25 I got a call from ABS's Jason Watson who told me the Mexican Government wanted $5381.92 more for excess income taxes. JPM's Steve Griffin sent me an updated guarantee of reimbursement statement with instructions to make the payment for excess tax. I have left phone messages and sent emails to both Mr Watson and Mr Griffin telling them I will not send them any more money and that I want to obe reimbursed for the $15,415 that I have already paid for the sale of my timeshare. I have not heard back from either of these individuals.

Country: USA   State: Minnesota   City: Minneapolis   Zip: 55402
Address: 527 Marquette Avenue South
Phone: 6122356153,6122356138
Site: www.absconsultingcompany.com

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